What I have been up to!

So I have been pretty quiet for the last few weeks(months?) so I thought it was time for a catch up!

I am currently working on making some games in BASIC in my spare time while working with Unity (Which is crazy awesome but difficult) with Scott and OnibiSoft. Sadly due to the complexity of having to learn how to use a 3D engine coming from a programming and 2D engine background I don’t really have much time for dicking around and making stupid programs in C# and BASIC (Though I do get the joys of C# with Unity!).

This is not to say I have stopped this blog or playing with BASIC. Quite the opposite actually! I am currently making some text based games in TrueBASIC that should look something like the early text based games on the Apple system (Sadly before my time!).

So tl;dr I have to do a lot of shit with OnibiSoft since we or still working out what direction we want to go with our games and with OnibiSoft in general but I am still squeezing in time to share the gospel of BASIC and our lord Compiler!

On the note of my BASIC games, I will be releasing the source code for each one here as well as hosting an EXE somewhere (probably itch.io) so you can see how the game works or just play the EXE.

I think I covered everything, till next time!

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